1. How can I join OPDG?
    Just come along to our meetings and introduce yourself, or email OPDG and you will be put on the mailing list
  2. How much is a meeting?
    They are free of charge to attend, this is due to our fantastic sponsors who kindly donate money to keep us going. Please look at the sponsor page, where contact details can be found.
  3. When do meetings start and how long do they last?
    Hot buffet is served at 7.15pm with the meeting starting at 8pm prompt. We also serve coffee around 9pm as the meeting winds down.
  4. Can I access presentations?
    If available, they can be downloaded from our ‘Presentations’ page.
  5. Are the meetings PIPR registered?
    Yes, each meeting is PIPR registered. If you’re not currently a PIPR member you can download the application form here.